If you use a usual radio GSM channel for conversation, it is rather easy to intercept your data. The only protection against the wiretap is a serious enciphering of the transmitted signal. The special SHP-7 cell phone provides guaranteed protection against eavesdropping of your telephone conversations in networks with GSM standards. Hardware enciphering of the signal in SHP-7 phone is carried out on the basis of the TIGER crypto-algorithm from Sweden.


The exclusive development, the unique cryptographic software and the exclusive schematics do not allow your phone to be made a “radio bug”.
Anti-virus protection
The 256 bits long communication session key guarantees protection against wiretapping
The cell phone is provided with a “key generation center” application
you are the only encryption keys’ owner
your keys are not known by anyone else


  • The control of the crypto-phone is not performed through the popular operating systems ios, android, windows or Symbian, for which a large number of virus programs were developed.
  • symmetric enciphering algorithm
  • key length is 256 bits
  • the open communication key is formed at each session by calculating parameters of an elliptic curve according to the “diffie-hellman” public key scheme
  • the communication session key is calculated by addition of the open key and of a confidential key created by the user by means of «the center of keys production» which is provided with the phone
  • algorithm of speech compression of 4800 bps/c acelp
  • working frequencies in GSM ranges 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
  • phone weight is 140 grams
  • phone size is 110 x 40 x 20 mm




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